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Hi friends, I grew up very sickly on a breathing machine from my heavy asthma. I mostly passed out after every meal and was always starving. I was very weak, had low energy, was unactive (walking around the mall was a chore) and overweight for my age and height. I had night seizures until I was 18. I was always sick from what I could remember, until I turned 24 and was healed during a 18 day yoga retreat in Baja, CA. I had kidney stones, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical blockages, and the immersive experience and clean diet completely healed me (the kidney stones dissolved during this trip and I did not have to pass them). It was the first time I had felt wellness and could hear my body talking to me. When the pandemic began, I was very scared, as I considered myself high risk. In 2021 my physical showed that I had the lungs of a 65 year old (I was 30). Yet during this time, I "could not" contract covid. I worked in corporate with 100s of different people, many who got sick, and I lived an active "normal" routine. I took care of my partner who was covid and drank out of the same bottle yet did not get sick. My mother also had it and I never got it from her. We all took Ivermectin when they had it, but I still to this day, have never got it. The only constant for me was that I was taking MSM powder. I took it for metal detox reasons, but it is also known for aiding sore muscles after a workout. I looked into it more and learned that parasites hate bitter and sulfur. MSM is sulfur and it is very bitter. We know the gut is the powerhouse of our immune system, that is why spikes went up during holiday season because we wreck our gut. This is why Ivermectin helps alot because it is a dewormer, ridding the gut of parasites that makes you sick. I did not realize the 1/4 tsp of MSM I took every day was also protecting me. I also do other very healthy things that I line out in this document, but know I led a very forgiving diet as well, eating whatever I wanted when I craved it (though I do crave unhealthy food less), and I do give into coffee, chocolate, and ice cream cravings. My mother got rheumatoid arthritis during the beginning of the pandemic and it scared me greatly because she was also super high risk. She could not get out of bed and had to have help opening water bottles as she was in constant pain. The doctor said she would take pills the rest of her life and diet didn't matter. Well the doctor didn't know who he was dealing with and I cleaned up her diet and had her taking MSM (and now the methylene blue + Lipo C) and she is feeling so good, is pain free and pill free. 
Actually, when I started corporate Aug 2018 with hundreds of new people, I never got sick until I took the flu shot Nov 2019. This is how I knew it was the flu shot that gave it to me. I was sick for 2 weeks and also lost my voice. Not normal. So I took a vow to not get any routine annual shots since this one was pushed on me by family. It made me wait to consider getting the covid shot. Because I saw many injuries in my family members and peers who took it, I decided to not get it at all. I noticed people were getting strokes, numbness, fatigue, deep pains, aches, and I saw too many people "just dying" at work. My family members had a deep pain in their bodies after receiving it. My family members can barely hold on to physical objects without dropping them. My partner's sister and husband in law both fainted at the same time the moment they received theirs. My mother's friends experienced bone and muscle pain, increased illness and extreme fatigue, brain fog, and exhaustion. After Nov 2019, I didn't get sick until Nov 2022, after I barely slept for 4 days because I was working on a project. It was the stress and lack of sleep that made me sick. Sleep is very important. I was in bed for just ONE day, took all of the vitamins I outline in my pdf, then was up and ready the very next day! I felt great. Many people I knew got sick during this time for many days. I had about over a half dozen cancellations / rescheduling in my work. I actually had about 3 tiny bouts of oncoming sickness 2020-2023. I felt it in the back of my throat, oncoming itchiness/soreness. I verbally "demanded" the sickness to leave (most of us just accept it, but they are unwanted guests, don't let them stay!), took vitamins, and they never took hold.  I am now 32 and feel/am the most amazing and strong and healthy I've ever been in my life. I am very active, have backpacked the Sierras, wake up bursting with energy, sleep deep and well, and don't have asthma anymore. I gasped when I saw my photos as a teenager, and thought I look younger now that I am over a decade older! I hope you can feel this way too and more. Anyways, hope this document helps and feel free to email me for any questions. Happy healing! xoxo Lan

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